Jordan adjusted

Jordan Schwartfeger

Jordan is a confident power lifter with a training regimen designed to optimize his strength gains and conditioning, producing amazing results.

Jordan brings the same attitude to his IT work with solutions that show a level of skill and understanding unparalleled by his peers. Calm under pressure with an ability to quickly identify and solve complex IT issues Jordan ensures solutions that meet the concerns of customers.


Vivian Schwartfeger

Vivian brings over 20 years of experience in the IT field with exceptional troubleshooting skills and a solid understanding of industry standards. He understands the importance of security, privacy and integrity while working on your behalf. As an on-call technician who is responsive and respectful of your time schedule, you can trust him to get the job done right – every time. 

Vivian is a respected figure in the IT industry and his skills have been sought after by many businesses. He is willing to go the extra mile and is a true asset through implementation of quality solutions completed with excellence.